About Fathers Wine®

More than 10 years ago, Volodymyr Buyachok , a successful businessman from Husiatyn, Ukraine laid the first foundations of the future winery. In order to test the winegrowing potential of Ternopil region where he lived, Volodymyr grew the first vines of 40 varieties of grapes, most of which were new and atypical for Ukrainian winemaking. His experiment was a success
and in 2010, a winery was founded. The goal of Father’s Wine® is to change the attitude of Ukrainians to national wine for the better, through the active development of wine culture not only at the regional level, but also throughout Ukraine!

In 2018, Volodymyr Buyachok passed away. But he left behind the idea of modern craft wine, which was picked up by the children and wife of the winemaker. His daughter Oksana and son Taras decided to continue their father’s endeavors, turning his hobby into a matter of life. The wine is named after their father – Father’s Wine®.

Winery today:

In 2019, the brand successfully received a license for small winemakers and officially entered the Ukrainian market, becoming the first winery in the history of Ternopil region with its own grapes and unique varieties! Father’s Wine is a family winery that creates bright original wines from unique varieties. The team continues to improve the process of making wines from Husiatyn, drawing on world experience and constantly experimenting with new styles. All in order for you to be able to choose the perfect wine for you.

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