About Hetman®

Introducing Hetman, a vodka that embodies tradition, craftsmanship, and
the spirit of Ukraine. Hetman is nestled in the historic vodka-producing
area of Lviv, where the art of distilling has thrived since 1782.
Hetman’s modern facility combines the wisdom of 400 years of vodka
production with a commitment to excellence. Crafted from the finest,
hand-selected, Ukrainian grains and blended with mineral water drawn
from pristine Carpathian Mountain springs, Hetman Vodka delivers
superior quality.

The Hetman Coat of Arms serves as a visual narrative of their proud
heritage. On the left side, a regal lion symbolizes the city of Lviv, while
the right side pays homage to the Hetman, a Ukrainian leader. The crown
at the heart of the coat of arms stands as a sign of dignity, encircled by
ears of grain, embodying the diligent work and peaceful nature of the
Ukrainian people.

Awarded the “First Elite Vodka of Ukraine,” Hetman carries a prestigious
status that demonstrates our unwavering commitment to quality and

Hetman brands include Hetman, Kyiv, President®, and Ukrainian Freedom.

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