About Wataga®

WATAGA is an authentic line of wines created by an association of talented winemakers and artists of Ukraine. Each variety contains a unique insight of Modern Ukrainian culture through original works of artists paired with wine, sparkling wine, or mead from Ukraine. WATAGA is a journey into the world of creativity that unfolds through every sip of the drink. These wines become not only an expression of winemaking skill, but also a platform for interaction with the diversity of Ukrainian art. They give the opportunity for everyone to experience not only the equisite taste, but also to enjoy the
sophistication of the artistic expression that they carry.

Combining Wine And Art
The brand WATAGA offers a unique approach where wine becomes an object of artistic expression. Collaboration with talented artists not only allows the creation of high-quality Ukranian wine but also provides it with a unique design from a renowned artist.

Support Of Ukrainian Art And Victory
The brand actively collaborates with Ukrainian artists, providing
them with a platform to express their creativity. This initiative aims to support artists who have contributed in meaningful ways to Ukrainian victory.

Export to the US market
With the goal of attracting attention to Ukrainian wine, the brand is focused on exporting its products to the US market. This creates an opportunity returning Ukrainian wine to global prominence.

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