About Ukrainian Spirit®

Ukrainian Spirit® Vodka originates from the ancient town of Lutsk, founded in 1085. The distillery was founded on October 27th 1838 by decree of the Volyn Region Governor-General to establish a distillery and brewery in the Western Ukraine city of Lutsk. Communist authorities nationalized the distillery in
1939 after Western Ukraine was invaded by the Soviet Union. In 1992, Ukraine became free from Soviet control and once again, Ukrainian Spirit® became independent and is now introducing its vodka to the world.
The Ukrainian Spirit® vodka line includes its flagship premium vodka as well
as cranberry, pepper and bison grass flavored vodkas. All of the vodkas are
available in 1 Liter bottles, with Ukrainian Spirit® flagship vodka available in
50ml bottles and oversized 3 liter and 6 liter bottles.
All of the Ukrainian Spirit® vodkas are made with the finest grains grown
specifically for the production of spirits in Ukraine’s fertile soil combined with
mineral water from the Volyn forest, and trace amounts of local all-natural
flavorings. Of note is the Ukrainian Spirit® “single water” technology where
mineral water originating from the same artesian well in the Volyn forest
is used in the production of the spirits and blending in the same integrated
production facility.
Ukrainian Spirit® also makes the lower cost Ukrainian Soul® vodka which is
available in a 700ml frosted bottle.
Today, Ukrainian Spirit® is a modern ISO certified facility which combines
old world methods with modern production facilities. Ukrainian Spirit® is
ISO certified for Food Safety Management Systems (ISO 22000:2019), Quality
Management Systems (ISO 9001:2015) and Environmental Management
Systems (ISO 14001:2015)

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