About Shabo®

The SHABO® winery is located in the Southern Ukrainian village of Shabo,
where winemaking tradition dates back over 2,000 years. Their 3,000 acre
vineyard in the Shabo terroir located on a peninsula between the Black Sea and Dniester estuary. The terroir of Shabo has seven soil types including high-value loamy soils with limestone and sand. The vineyard contains over 4 million vines of 20 European and Georgian varieties, to include the unique indigenous variety Telti Kuruk.
SHABO® Winery includes SHABO® Wine House, SHABO® Sparkling Wines House, and SHABO® Brandy House. Together, they can produce over 26 million bottles of wine, sparkling wine, and brandy per year. SHABO® has strong viticulture, winemaking and social responsibility traditions, all of which are showcased in the SHABO® Wine Culture Center Over the past twenty years, SHABO® has won more than five hundred prestigious international awards including the Decanter Wine Awards, Mundus Vini, IWA, WSWA, and the San Francisco International Wine Competition.
Specific awards include 2021 Decanter Wine Gold Awards for Chardonnay
Grand Reserve 2015 and Cabernet Grand Reserve 2017. In 2023, SHABO®
received the Decanter Wine Awards Platinum for Muscat Ottonel Limited
Edition Vintage Desert 2016. SHABO® Wines are on the wine lists of Michelin starred restaurants in London and Paris. SHABO® offerings include collections of still wines, sparkling wines, ice wine, brandy, and grape vodka all in standard and local indigenous varieties. All are painstaking produces in modern facilities with the best equipment and a team intensely focused on their craft.

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