SPYRT Worldwide Launches, Unveiling a Vision to Share Ukraine’s Rich Spirits and Flavors with the World

SPYRT Worldwide offers more than just spirits, wines, and snacks; it provides an immersive journey into the heart of Ukraine’s rich cultural tapestry and an opportunity to assist the defense of Ukraine and provide humanitarian relief

Las Vegas, NV- Today, SPYRT Worldwide, a veteran owned visionary company dedicated to promoting Ukraine’s rich cultural heritage and extraordinary vodka, wine, and snacks, proudly announces its official launch at WSWA Access Live.

At the heart of SPYRT Worldwide’s mission is a dual commitment: to share the rich drinks and flavors of Ukraine globally and to assist the people of Ukraine. SPYRT Worldwide actively supports Ukrainian entrepreneurs, fosters economic growth, and plays a pivotal role in the liberation and economic reconstruction of Ukraine. SPYRT Worldwide presents a curated collection of top-tier spirits, wines, and snacks that showcase the unmatched quality of Ukrainian products.  

SPYRT Worldwide is the realization of a profound journey that began in April 2022 during the early days of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine. Fate brought two veterans together in a Ukrainian safehouse: Maksym, a Ukrainian entrepreneur and former military officer, and Sam, an American military combat veteran. Both serving as wartime volunteer advisors, they raised glasses of Hetman Vodka in a symbolic toast to Ukraine’s victory and future. What started as a celebratory moment evolved into a profound idea, nurtured during frequent visits to Ukraine. The duo soon brought in David, a retired US Marine and career entrepreneur, as the third founder.

The mission of SPYRT Worldwide is to introduce superior Ukrianian vodka, wine, sparkling wine, brandy, and snacks to the world.  Our Ukrainian vodkas come from towns with centuries of heritage in the crafting of premium vodka, are distilled from the finest Ukrainian grain, and blended with mineral water from Ukraine’s forests.   Each distillery of our vodkas has hundreds of years of distilling heritage.

Hetman distillery is in the historic vodka district of  the western city of Lviv, where their legacy stretches back to the area’s first distilleries in 1782. Combining their ancient heritage with modern distilling and bottling capabilities and crafted with water bottled from springs in the Carpathian mountains, Hetman redefines vodka excellence. Hetman’s brands include Hetman®, Hetman Ice®, Hetman Elite®, Kyiv, President and Ukrainian Freedom.

Ukrainian Spirit® comes from Lutsk. The distillery has been I continuous operation since its founding in 1838.Using mineral water from the ancient Volyn forest, they create breathtaking vodka and flavored vodkas using traditional Ukrainian methods.  Ukrainian Spirit’s line includes Ukrainian Spirit® Vodka, Ukrainian Spirit® Cranberry Flavored Vodka, Ukrainian Spirit® Bison Grass Flavored Vodka, Ukrainian Spirit® Pepper Flavored Vodka and Ukrainian Soul®.  Ukrainian Spirit as has limited edition 3 Liter and 6 Liter bottles, with the 6 Liter bottle packaged in a used artillery round canister. 

SPYRT Worldwide is delighted to re-introduce Ukrainian Wine into the United States.  Ukraine’s wine making traditions stretch back well over two thousand years when the ancient Greeks colonized Southern Ukraine, established vineyards and produced wine for their empire.  Ukraine’s winemaking tradition continued to grow and flourish, making Ukraine a major wine producer until the Soviets invaded Ukraine in the 1920s.   After a one hundred year hiatus, Ukrainians reestablished their vineyards and wineries.  SHABO® winery, located in southern Ukraine along the Black Sea, has been in continuous operation since founded by Swiss settlers in 1822.  Today, SHABO’s 3,300 acres of vineyards grow both European and indigenous varieties of grapes to produce wine, sparkling wine, ice wine, brandy, and grape vodka.  Having received over 500 prestigious international awards, SHABO® wines are served in Michelin-starred restaurants in London and Paris..

Father’s Wine®, located in the Ternopil region of Ukraine, was founded by Volodymyr Buyachok to test the wine growing potential of the area’s fertile soil.  Aiming to improve regional and national wine culture, he cultivated what would become a premier winery.  Volodymyr passed away in 2018, but his wife and children continue his dream, named after their Father. Father’s Wine represents a new and delightful entre into the exquisite wine traditions of Ukraine. 

Watanga winery is an idea.  Wataga is a pairing of an expert Ukrainian wine, sparkling wine, or mead from Ukraine’s finest wineries pairs with a Ukrainian artist who designed the label.   The partnership between the wineries and the artists, expresses the breadth of Ukrainian creativity through each bottle’s contents and exterior. Each esteemed artist selected to take part in this collection has contributed directly to supporting Ukrainian victory and freedom.

SPYRT Worldwide is committed to dedicating a significant portion of our profits to humanitarian and military causes, actively supporting the liberation and safety of the Ukrainian people, reinforcing SPYRT Worldwide’s unwavering commitment to the enduring strength and revitalization of the Ukrainian nation.

SPYRT Worldwide is now seeking engaged and focused distributors across the United States who share in the mission of distributing and promoting Ukraine’s superior vodka, wine, sparkling wine, brandy, and other related products while assisting to defend and rebuild Ukraine. If you are interested in being part of this transformative journey, please contact us at

For media inquiries, please contact:

Sam Lerman, CEO, Founder –

Facebook: @spyrtofukraine        

Instagram: @SpyrtWorldwide

X: @spyrtworldwide

Linkedin: spyrtworldwide

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