Shabo® Kakhetian Technology


Shabo® Kakhetian Technology







• SHABO Wine House has more than 27 authentic qvevri purchased in Georgia. In each one of these clay, hand-made amproas, which are buried below ground, the process of maceration with pulp and ageing takes place from several months to one year. The wine is made from selected grapes grown in the company’s own vineyards in Shabo terroir.

• This collection includes amber and red wines produced in a qvevri. Amber wine acquires its colour due to the fermentation with pulp. This type of long maceration is the reason why the wines produced by Kakhetian technology obtain their healing properties. During fermentation on pulp, the wine gets a maximum of antioxidants and vitamins contained in the solid particles of grapes.

• All wines of this collection get additional bottle ageing as required.

• At all stages of production quality control is performed by the best winemaking experts from Georgia, the homeland of Kakhetian technology.

Chardonnay kakhetian dry white, Telti-Kuruk kakhetian dry white, Cabernet – Merlot kakhetian dry red, Rkatsiteli kakhetian dry white, Cabernet kakhetian dry red, Saperavi – Merlot kakhetian dry red Chardonnay – Ratsiteli kakhetian dry white, Merlot kakhetian dry red


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