Shabo® Grand Reserve


Shabo® Grand Reserve







• A limited collection of high-quality still wines. Up to 4 000 bottles are produced per season. Each bottle is marked by a unique number. The wines in this collection are made from the grapes of selected French varieties, as well as the unique indigenous variety, Telti-Kuruk, grown in the best micro-plots of the Shabo terroir. The yield is limited to 1-1.2 kg per vine. During harvesting, all grapes are hand-picked at the break of the day, when the air temperature is relatively low, carefully placed into special boxes (max. weight limit of 12 kg per box), and loaded into refrigerated trucks, with the temperature inside them between +8 °C and +10 °C.

• Within 15 minutes after harvesting, the grapes are delivered to the Fine Wine department, where they pass a two-stage sorting for white wines and a three-stage sorting for red wines, with the must transferred into tanks by gravity. Fermentation takes place in high-tech French oak barrels with controlled fermentation temperature. Ageing in French oak casks: white wines — at least 9 months, red wines — at least 12 months. All wines are later on aged in the bottle.

• Ageing potential for red wines is at least 5 years, for white wines – at least 3 years.

• All stages of production are controlled by international experts of SARL Derenoncourt (France).

Chardonnay 2016, Telti-Kuruk 2020, Chardonnay – Sauvignon Blanc 2019, Chardonnay – Riesling 2019, Saperavi 2016, Pinot Noir 2022, Cabernet – Merlot 2018, Cabernet 2013, Cabernet Franc – Merlot – Saperavi 2019


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