Shabo® Sherry & Dessert


Shabo® Sherry & Dessert







Wines created by sherry technology

• The wine is made from selected grapes of the indigenous Telti-Kuruk and Aligote, both grown in the Shabo terroir, with careful yield and grape maturity control. The sherrization of wines takes place in a 200-year-old historic cellar, founded by Swiss colonists who settled in Shabo in the 19th century. Sherrization in barrels arranged by the Solera system takes at least one year. It’s a long and complex process, at each stage quality control is provided by international experts of SARL Derenoncourt (France).

• SHABO is the only producer of Sherry in Ukraine. In 2020, SHABO Reserve Dry Sherry won a silver medal at the International Wine Challenge in London.

Vintage dessert wines

• Aged dessert wines made from selected grapes of mainly European varieties, the vines of which were purchased in Europe and planted in the best plots of the Shabo terroir, with careful yield and grape maturity control. The special feature of this wine is long aging in oak barrels – at least 2 years for red wines and at least 1.5 years for whites and rosé.

Sherry dry white, Sherry vintage dry white, Sherry dessert white, Muscat Ottonel vintage dessert white, Traminer vintage dessert rose, Cabernet vintage dessert red


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