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Shabo® Wine






This collection is an expression of the greatest love for wine and each sign depicted on the label reflects the stages of winemaking, respect for the land, vines, grapes, and the hard labour of winegrowers. With these signs we show that winemaking, like art, carries attention to detail and embodies the soul of the winemaker.• Wines are made mainly from French grape varieties and planted on the soils of the Shabo terroir.• Selected grapes for 30 minutes after harvesting by a combine of a new generation are delivered to the modern reception and processing department, the technical equipment of which is one of the best in Europe. Here the wine goes through the process of vinification. To ensure that the wine matches the «freshness of wine» style, it is stored in modern stainless steel tanks equipped with temperature control.• French company SARL Derenoncourt ensures professional support at all stages of the production.Chradonnay dry white, Sauvignon dry white, Pinot Grigio dry white, Cabernet dry red, Merlot dry red 


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